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Group Innovation Director M&C Saatchi Sydney. Co-Creator O Six Hundred Kayak. Proud father. Loving husband. British.

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iPad publisher concepts

Published March 9, 2010

As the iPad gets closer to arrival publishers seem to be flexing their digital prowess. The first video shows Adobe working with WIRED on how their magazine will come to life on a plethora

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State of the Internet 2009/10

Published March 2, 2010

Deutchy, a colleague, just shared this info-graphics video on the state of the internet. Nice treatment and gets the blood pumping with the inherent opportunity and LARGE numbers. Timing couldn’t be more perfect for

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My ‘Hardchorus’ for Rachael

Published February 10, 2010

Lovely bit of work from Puma, The Hardchorus. An unlikely choir sing their hearts out for valentines and match day! Nice and simple Facebook integration allows you to get the message to your loved

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Google map for Ben Cooper

My name spelt out on the streets of San Francisco…

Published April 10, 2009

Using Google Latitude a team of people ran around San Fran and, via their mobile phones, positioned themselves to spell out my name – viewable on this Google map. Of course that’s not strictly

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Twitter Streamgraph for benhamin

More twitter data visual tools…

Published April 8, 2009

Via @art_s discovered Twitter Stream Graphs (screengrab), Twit Arcs and Twitter Spectrum. All provide data visualizations for twitter profiles and keywords – tools created by @JeffClark.

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Three case studies worthy of your time…

Published April 8, 2009

Uniqlo – Uniqlock by Projector. Undeniably one of the most innovative and creative uses of the web to date. Evident that technology didn’t get in the way – only enhanced and took it further. Tate

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64 red bulls & 9 gallons of coffee

Published March 6, 2009

The making of Telematics City by Hook. Is a data visualization trip through the creation of a 3d city, from app to wireframe, to render and fly-through – featuring 1200 buildings. It seems to

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Vision of 2019

Published March 3, 2009

Hoorah for Tom, another inspirational share to add to my collection of ‘digital educational’ videos (now topping 14). “When Microsoft decides to imagine the future, it never fails to impress.” Shame they struggle with the

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Another two videos that explore digital

Published February 23, 2009

This first clip, thanks to Tyson Lundbech via Twitter explores how mobile technologies can reconnect local communities to their environment. Tyson’s timing couldn’t be better – I’ve just come back from lunch at Google

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8 videos that inspire & explain the opportunities of digital

Published February 20, 2009

Need your help in finding more. Last year I started teaching the ADMA Digital Certificate in Marketing thanks to an introduction from Mike at Profero. 14 Tuesday nights later, great guest speakers, the marking of

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10 informational diagrams, by Mr Armano

Published February 18, 2009

Mr Armano, can I call you David? David [amongst other things] creates diagrams that simplify this quagmire of information that we try to make sense of on a daily basis. These ‘informational graphics’ make the

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Published August 31, 2008

Annoying that the embeddable button (above) doesn’t really work with my widget width (you know what I mean, right?). Enjoy this whilst its on my homepage (click play), which will probably be a while,

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The balloon race is on!

Published June 25, 2008

I’ve exhausted my ‘booster can’ already, mainly down to the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing… just clicked away on the arrows. Unsure when the booster gets replenished, but I need

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Inspired by WeFeelFine; Twistori

Published April 29, 2008

Big fan of data exploration and what better social network to explore that the stream of conciousness that twitter empowers and delivers. Twistori is a project that explores twitter comments by instances of the

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Wow Wii

Published April 17, 2008

Its taken me forever to watch this TED clip, so its no doubt old news to everyone else. Johnny Lee, a human interaction researcher, show’s how the Wii remote can be adapted, at minimal

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