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PIXEL :: the world gets cubed

Published April 12, 2010

Beautifully executed pixel takeover of NYC, and then the world. If you like retro arcade games mixed with real-world footage in a fantastical mashup. Then you’ll love this. Ensure a full-screen view, wait for

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GPS chairs tell a story in NYC

Published March 1, 2010

Blu Dot inspired by the furniture finding scene of NYC (called ‘curb mining’). Dropped 25 Real Good Chairs in NYC to see what would happen. This video is what they discovered. When I first moved

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Thoughts on augmented storytelling

Published June 19, 2009

Jen Wilson, of The Project Factory, presented ideas and realities of the mobile web at the ADMA class I tutor. Amongst other brilliant things we were shown this clip – HP MScape game prototype. The

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Lucky Country homepage screengrab

Lucky Country site live

Published June 18, 2009

Footprint Films engaged us to develop the digital strategy for their upcoming “Australian western thriller” release Lucky Country. Today we launched the first part of that strategy – the website & blog. Courtney, Cate

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Short film feeling_lonely? by Rachael Turk

Published June 10, 2009

Watch this short film (10mins) in HD. It’s with great pleasure that I finally share Rachael’s film ‘feeling_lonely?’ which she wrote and directed. feeling_lonely? : Rob is “the man who has everything” (and everyone).

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24hrs of geotagged photos on flickr

Published April 7, 2009

64,000+ photos highlight cities and countries on a moving globe over 24hrs. Best watched full screen. First found on FlowingData and the clips author is

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Stop-frame helicopter sea rescue

Published April 7, 2009

Great stop-frame story of a fisherman’s rescue from the rocks near Tamarama beach by photographer Keith Loutit. The photo effect makes the people seem like plastic figurines in a diorama. I’ve found a few

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Light playing with sparklers

Published February 18, 2009

Like writing your name in lights, well kind of, you know when you grab a sparkler and frantically shift it around until your message is scared on your retina? Well here is a movie

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Video footage with animated blend

Published January 8, 2009

Just found this great clip on Vimeo. Wanted to share. Despite the work looking familiar I don’t recognise the artists name: ljudbilden. Visit their blog for more rich artworks and videos. Minilogue – Animals

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Addictive TV remix Slumdog Millionaire

Published January 8, 2009

Danny Boyle’s masterpiece gets mashed and mixed by the Addictive TV

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Interview with Marc Forster, Director of Quantum of Solace

Published November 24, 2008

Rachael Turk (my better half) interviews the director of the new Bond film, Marc Forster. It’s the first time that Inside Film have created a video interview and published straight to

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Published July 28, 2008

It was my birthday last week and as a surprise Rach flew me to Melbourne for MIFF. MIFF stands for Melbourne international film festival. I forgot how much I love Melbourne. Intimate bars, incredible

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Addictive TV remix Iron Man

Published May 5, 2008

Addictive TV give the Iron Man movie their particular style of remix mashup bootleg that they’re famous for. I know that New Line Cinema got them to mixup Shoot Em Up and Snakes On

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iTunes Movie Rentals a point of view

Published March 19, 2008

This is a blog version of the article I wrote for INSIDEFILM #107 (download pdf) March 2008 edition. Following the announcement of iTunes Movie Rentals. iDistribute Australian consumers are not just at the end of the

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