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Group Innovation Director M&C Saatchi Sydney. Co-Creator O Six Hundred Kayak. Proud father. Loving husband. British.

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Learn to learn, reflections on Hyper Island

Published September 20, 2010

As I sit here upon a flight to Singapore I finally have a moment to reflect. Hyper Island, the international digital media school based out of an old Stockholm Karlskrona prison, kindly gave up

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Getting nexted on Chatroulette

Published February 28, 2010

Chatroullette is a hybrid of speed dating and hot or not (well pervert or not!), via video and IM chat, at least that’s my take on it. Watch Casey Neistat’s video study (above) to

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The Internet Symphony playing now in NYC

Published April 16, 2009

They did it. The Internet Symphony is complete. Nice work by my mate Tom Uglow at Google in the UK – who’s at Carnegie Hall NYC right now. See my original post on the

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Google map for Ben Cooper

My name spelt out on the streets of San Francisco…

Published April 10, 2009

Using Google Latitude a team of people ran around San Fran and, via their mobile phones, positioned themselves to spell out my name – viewable on this Google map. Of course that’s not strictly

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24hrs of geotagged photos on flickr

Published April 7, 2009

64,000+ photos highlight cities and countries on a moving globe over 24hrs. Best watched full screen. First found on FlowingData and the clips author is

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servantofchaos twitter posts 7422

Twitter data – the anti timesheet?

Published April 7, 2009

Katie Chatfield mentioned data visualisation tool at Ad:Tech Sydney. The tool allows you to plot a ‘twitterers’ behaviour over a week. Simply enter their profile and with a mixture of Google’s Chart API

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YouTube’s – collaborative online orchestra

Published December 3, 2008

Inspired use of the YouTube platform to bring classical musicians together and create a world first (well I think it is). The promise; to be part of a collaborative virtual performance and (if you’re

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oneConnect is following me

Published September 24, 2008

I’ve been keeping my eye out for the Yahoo! oneConnect app for the iPhone (its not available in AU yet). The app uses your social connections as an address book and universal messenger –

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Published August 31, 2008

Annoying that the embeddable button (above) doesn’t really work with my widget width (you know what I mean, right?). Enjoy this whilst its on my homepage (click play), which will probably be a while,

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The balloon race is on!

Published June 25, 2008

I’ve exhausted my ‘booster can’ already, mainly down to the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing… just clicked away on the arrows. Unsure when the booster gets replenished, but I need

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Internet Balloon Race, Upcoming Orange Campaign

Published June 18, 2008

Just found a balloon of a Racoon on Faris Yakob’s blog. Clicking through I discovered this upcoming campaign for Orange in the UK. Poke are responsible [again]. They keep turning out great work for

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Wow Wii

Published April 17, 2008

Its taken me forever to watch this TED clip, so its no doubt old news to everyone else. Johnny Lee, a human interaction researcher, show’s how the Wii remote can be adapted, at minimal

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Good overcomes bad! & new media is the weapon.

Published March 26, 2008

Chris Brogan just highlighted this video post from Gary Vaynerchuk. The post in my mind captures what the Cluetrain predicted back in 1999, ‘the end of business as usual’. Today, our lives are transparent

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Embed maps – it’s fun!

Published March 19, 2008

Where I live in Sydney View Larger Map Where my flat is in London View Larger Map My folks are somewhere around here View Larger

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iBand – Nintendo DS & iPhone tunes

Published February 22, 2008

Can your phone do this? Talk to me… so if the iPhone wasn’t hacked, cracked and genuinely pushed beyond the realms of its supposed purpose in life – this couldn’t of happened. May we all

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