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Group Innovation Director M&C Saatchi Sydney. Co-Creator O Six Hundred Kayak. Proud father. Loving husband. British.

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Lufthansas’s realtime airtraffic data simulation

Published June 25, 2009

Realtime data visualisation of 14,000 Lufthansa and Star Alliance flights worldwide. Visitors to Lufthansa’s Brand Academy in Frankfurt can interact with the flight data. Zooming in on specific flights or areas and listen to

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Thoughts on augmented storytelling

Published June 19, 2009

Jen Wilson, of The Project Factory, presented ideas and realities of the mobile web at the ADMA class I tutor. Amongst other brilliant things we were shown this clip – HP MScape game prototype. The

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Lucky Country homepage screengrab

Lucky Country site live

Published June 18, 2009

Footprint Films engaged us to develop the digital strategy for their upcoming “Australian western thriller” release Lucky Country. Today we launched the first part of that strategy – the website & blog. Courtney, Cate

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73mph jet cyclist

Published June 15, 2009

Bob Maddox bolted a dual-exhaust pulse jet engine to the side of an ordinary bicycle, donned a leather jacket and helmet and then held on tight as he peeled off a 73-mph run down

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WWDC 2009, Live from App Store visualisation

Published June 11, 2009

what you’re looking at: over 3,000 apps-and growing-are downloaded every minute from the App Store. This is a live feed showing the activity of 20,000 popular apps currently on the store. Every time a customer

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Short film feeling_lonely? by Rachael Turk

Published June 10, 2009

Watch this short film (10mins) in HD. It’s with great pleasure that I finally share Rachael’s film ‘feeling_lonely?’ which she wrote and directed. feeling_lonely? : Rob is “the man who has everything” (and everyone).

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Quote of the day…

Published May 30, 2009

If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don’t hoard it. Don’t dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke. Brendan Behan, quoted

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Don’t go here…

Published May 22, 2009

I’m sharing my photos not the location. A piece of heaven in the countryside. Wood burning stove, my lovely lady, uninterrupted views, dancing birds and chilled out baby cows. Keep it special – don’t

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Just landed in… data visualisations from Twitter

Published May 22, 2009

Twitter posts containing ‘just landed in…’ and ‘just arrived in…’ inspired this data visualisation of the worlds air traffic. The origin of the user is obtained from their Twitter bio. This shows 61hrs of

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Credit Superhero close-up

Seek’s ‘Credit Superhero’ job post – it’s since been removed

Published April 30, 2009

Hilarious job post found on (I think it featured yesterday). Sad that Seek can’t work out that this would be a great way of driving traffic to their site – instead they remove

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Frozen fly-through of shootout scene… NUTS

Published April 23, 2009

Created by Stink Digital for Philips new 21:9 cinema TV, commissioned by Tribal DDB Amsterdam. Must be watched, full screen and in HQ. First found on

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The Internet Symphony playing now in NYC

Published April 16, 2009

They did it. The Internet Symphony is complete. Nice work by my mate Tom Uglow at Google in the UK – who’s at Carnegie Hall NYC right now. See my original post on the

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Google map for Ben Cooper

My name spelt out on the streets of San Francisco…

Published April 10, 2009

Using Google Latitude a team of people ran around San Fran and, via their mobile phones, positioned themselves to spell out my name – viewable on this Google map. Of course that’s not strictly

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Twitter Streamgraph for benhamin

More twitter data visual tools…

Published April 8, 2009

Via @art_s discovered Twitter Stream Graphs (screengrab), Twit Arcs and Twitter Spectrum. All provide data visualizations for twitter profiles and keywords – tools created by @JeffClark.

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Three case studies worthy of your time…

Published April 8, 2009

Uniqlo – Uniqlock by Projector. Undeniably one of the most innovative and creative uses of the web to date. Evident that technology didn’t get in the way – only enhanced and took it further. Tate

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