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Twitter data – the anti timesheet?

April 7, 2009

Katie Chatfield mentioned data visualisation tool at Ad:Tech Sydney. The tool allows you to plot a ‘twitterers’ behaviour over a week. Simply enter their profile and with a mixture of Google’s Chart API and Yahoo Pipes it magically plots the ‘twitterers’ habits. With a mild fascination in data and understanding online behaviour – it caught my imagination…

Since joining Twitter I’ve posted 696 times as @benhamin. It would seem that Fridays at 10am I have the most to say and 3pm I’m consistently blurting out 140 characters to who will ever listen.
benhamin Twitter post 696

It’s probably better to look at some serious Twitterers, rather than my poor excuse, so I felt that the lads from Bannerblog might be a good start. Top AU blog and all that.

Ashley aka 100ftzombie. 2,751 tweets so far. 10am Saturday is a hotspot, but Ash does most of his tweeting between 9 – 11pm. Work is for work and then the tweets coming flying out at night.
100ftzombie Twitter behaviour (2751)

Ashadi Hopper. 1,170 tweets to date. Pretty consistent overall – but 10am is a strong time – after reading the news perhaps?
ashadihopper Twitter posts 1170

Who else, Gavin over at Servant of Chaos has tweeted a staggering 7,422+ times. Monday’s 11 – 3pm – what’s happening Gav?
servantofchaos twitter posts 7422

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