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10 informational diagrams, by Mr Armano

February 18, 2009

Mr Armano, can I call you David?
David [amongst other things] creates diagrams that simplify this quagmire of information that we try to make sense of on a daily basis. These ‘informational graphics’ make the complex simple and provide [me] a way to frame my thinking. The following diagrams aren’t in any particular order. They’ve been chosen: either because they make me laugh, or they help my brain give birth to ideas and new ways to approach a challenge.

I found them on flickr, there’s currently 78 visual thinking diagrams

… and David, thanks for the hard work and the fact that you share the way you think.

1. Jump aboard the social media train!!


2. Brilliant articulation of the digital media landscape

Paid + Earned Media

3. But I’m an expert!

Professional Prism of Trust

4. Stairway to [brand] heaven

Brand Heaven + Hell

5. Big ideas vs. micro strategies

Conventional + Unconventional Marketing

6. Please no one


7. Day in the life

Working Class Blogger: Day In The Life

8. Spin that wheel

Wheel of Marketing Misfortune

9. Touch my points

Infinite Touchpoints

10. Could be me, apart from the leather wrist band and night vision contacts

Geek 2.0

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