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24 hours on SlideShare

September 6, 2008

So I joined SlideShare yesterday to share a pres that I put together for an APG training session.

I’ve used the service for research but had yet to share anything. Within an hour I’d received an email from the SlideShare team saying that my pres was to be featured on their homepage. I was thrilled. Is this normal (I thought) so I popped the question to the Twitterverse… Katie Chatfield was kind enough to respond. She’d had the same experience.

The Aussies are coming!

That said the benefits of being on the homepage have been great. Within a day I’ve had 90 views and one comment. Eight new people have started to follow me on Twitter (no its not spam). Rod Rakic even ‘retweeted’ the presentation to David Armano and introduced me to the term ‘grokking this’ (wiki definition here).

What has been the most exciting of all is sharing my thoughts and interpretations with a wider audience. Not that I’m a stranger to this, but it resonates when you’re in a new channel, with a new set of eyeballs and opinions.

Back in the real world, one of the participants of the training session had this to say (via email);

I attended the B&T Digital Bootcamp the day before, and this workshop blew it out of the water – particularly in two main areas: knowledge of industry and trends, and practical ways to harness this for planners/advertisers.

Again a big thank you to Melanie Sweet and Gabi Scott from Google, and Jenifer Wilson from Lean Forward. For making the session complete.

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