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Addictive TV remix Iron Man

May 5, 2008

Addictive TV give the Iron Man movie their particular style of remix mashup bootleg that they’re famous for.

I know that New Line Cinema got them to mixup Shoot Em Up and Snakes On A Plane [below]. But I wonder if Paramount commissioned them to do Iron Man?

Of course the marketers wet dream is that you get a ‘user generated reaction’. Your audience takes the initiative to cut-and-paste-and-remix your content creating something more real than the art directed client approved version. Those clips then go viral and become the media for your film. That said commissioning a crew like Addictive TV takes it to a whole new level and hopefully throws down the gauntlet for other creatives to have fun with the clips…

I want to see great content like this becoming the trailer for the film in the first place, rather than being an extention or addition to the usual formats.

Discovered via BigShinyThing blog.

Addictive TV MySpace page and Wikipedia explanation.

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