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Wow Wii

April 17, 2008

Its taken me forever to watch this TED clip, so its no doubt old news to everyone else. Johnny Lee, a human interaction researcher, show’s how the Wii remote can be adapted, at minimal cost, to become a 3d interface for learning and inventive game play.

I like the fact that he’s got a massive following on YouTube, due to sharing his findings, it just goes to show that video is opening up so many new possibilities – for a researcher it must be a dream come true. Here’s his original posting;

Visit, Johnny’s project page to adapt your own Wii.

The Wii is so dextrous in what it is to what its done. Not only has it reinvented gaming, by leaving the PS3 and Xbox for the hardcore, its platform and hardware seem to be open for interpretation and extention by anyone with an imagination.

More than a games machine. I have a friend that works in healthcare and they use a Wii to keep the oldies flexible. I’ve also heard of doctors practising surgery with the controller (it helps to run-through the procedure). The possibilities seem endless. I’m going to keep an eye out for ‘interesting uses of the Wii’, if you come by any do let me know.

I’m off to buy a Wii… all this talk is no good without action.

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