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The Urban Spirit in MySpace, and yours

July 18, 2007

The Urban Spirit page on MySpace

Finally we’re live! the time it takes to develop within MySpace is quite astonishing… baring in mind the speed at which the online social world moves. We’ve been working on Lion Nathan’s McKenna Bourbon brand for sometime and our strategy this year was to compliment their online presence with a destination in MySpace called The Urban Spirit. It allows audiences that meet the promotional girls within a bar, to connect with them online.

WHATS ABOVE & BELOW?; we had a right laugh creating the content shown – which users can embed within their MySpace profile pages (or anywhere else for that matter).

ABOVE; are stop-frame video invites shot by the SOPP Collective (1 of 2, there will be 4 eventually) that allow you to talk up an event and invite your mates by placing it in your profile page. The music for the clips has been sourced with the help and advice of Future Classic. If you look closely I’m the drummer!!

BELOW; upoad a photo – choose a category and see what everyone else thinks… Rate My! – you know the score, ‘hot or not’ style app that you can embed in your own page.

Its early days, but I’ll update with stats on how the site progresses. Watch this space.

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